A DSSSL Stylesheet for HTML 4.0 Tables

In this ZIP file, you will find a stylesheet for handling HTML 4.0 tables; a strict HTML 4.0 test file that exercises nearly all of the attributes, and a transitional HTML 4.0 test file that exercises background color of table cells. It also has an SGML Open catalog and some ISO/IEC 10179 procedures that Jade doesn't implement yet.

The ZIP file also contains two patches for Jade 1.0; Jade 1.1 does not need these patches. The first prevents Jade from crashing when a COL element uses the SPAN attribute. The second is only needed for tables with mixed content cells and empty cells; in some such circumstances, the RTF back-end will place content in the wrong cells.

Caution! The transitional HTML 4.0 test file will screw up most GUI browsers due to its abuse of background color, and will hang Word 97 if you open its resulting RTF.

Best viewed with any browser.

HTML 2.0 Checked! Last updated and validated 17 April 1998 by Chris Maden.