XSL Working Group Documents

Initial Audio Characteristics for XSL

Abstract: In keeping with the W3C's mission of accessibility, XSL must make an effort to make accessible documents as easy to create as possible. The more difficult accessibility is to achieve, the fewer documents will be accessible, as authors will not perform extra work to benefit what is often perceived as an insignificant minority. I propose adding audio characteristics derived from Aural Cascading Style Sheets to the otherwise visual flow objects in the July 1998 draft of XSL.

Version 0.1, 7 May 1998.

Hypertext Link Support Requirements for XSL

Abstract: The XLink and XPointer specifications provide a level of hypertext functionality that has not previously been available for widespread use. To succeed as a stylesheet language under these new conditions, XSL must address certain styling problems introduced by rich hypertext, including stylistic treatment of link ends and styling of transcluded text.

Version 0.2, 12 May 1998.

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