Welcome to my Web page!

This is a paragraph in a Web page. Note that it begins with the paragraph start-tag, but doesn't need an end-tag.

This is a lower-level heading

Here is another paragraph, below the lower-level heading.

And yet another paragraph. Each paragraph signals the end of the previous one, which is why you don't need to close them. It isn't wrong to, though.


This is an ordered, or numbered, list:

  1. This is the first item.
  2. This is the second item.
a natural sweetener
someone who bites heads off of chickens
something spun by spiders

Flow-level elements

This is a paragraph. It's very important that you read it carefully. This sentence is especially critical. I just read a book called Outlander, and watched a movie called My Neighbor Totoro. For contrast, my employer makes a product called DynaWeb, and in this case the italics are purely presentational, with no inherent meaning.