crism consulting

no-frills solutions for the post-dot-com world

Who We Are

crism consulting is a small consulting firm located in San Francisco, CA. The principal is Christopher R. Maden, who has seven years' experience in the markup industry, and who has been working with XML since its inception in 1996. We also maintain a network of associates to enable us to deliver any solution that meets your business's needs.

What We Do

We know information. We develop solutions ranging from multimedia publishing of vast amounts of reference data to business-to-business communication schema; from aerospace technical publication delivery systems to sophisticated Web business portals.

We bring a unique combination of expertise in Internet standards, human factors, and document management technology to bear anywhere communication happens.

How We Can Help

Do you have information? Odds are that you can save money and become more efficient using it. Cost centers can be streamlined, and sometimes even turned into profit centers. Your information should be an asset, not a burden.

Do you need to communicate? Whether you are sending information around within your organization or communicating with partners, customers, or vendors, taking the time to get things right at the beginning will have payoffs down the road, as well as avoiding potentially huge costs.

Why Us?

We're cheap. Our main goal is to be able to support ourselves doing work we love. Our base rates are low, and we offer discounts for advance payment, large contracts, repeat custom, and interesting projects.

We're mobile. We are comfortable working with our clients remotely, but when personal contact is called for, we can travel on short notice, and on a shoestring. We relish finding interesting and out-of-the-way places to stay and to eat.

We're honest. An information analysis project almost always involves significant up-front costs. We won't sugarcoat the situation, and we won't sell you a bill of goods. We can demonstrate what your expected costs and savings will be, and if the project isn't worth it to you, we'll walk away with no hard feelings. Many otherwise worthwhile projects have foundered on post-traumatic sticker-shock, when the real costs turn out to be an order of magnitude higher than a consultant estimated; don't let this happen to you. Oh, and...

We're good. We work with your domain experts to harvest the unique knowledge that makes them valuable to your organization, and we can facilitate buy-in to the project with all the key players, without which it can't succeed. Our combination of political judo and standards geekery can save you time and money. Call or e-mail us.