Random stuff about me.

Why are you here? I’m not so vain as to think you’re fascinated by me and desperate to learn more. If you were looking for my résumé, you should know that I was an independent consultant and am now a data architect for Metaweb Technologies.

Most of the cool nerdy stuff lives in the consulting page. Exceptions are a little how-to guide on HTML that I wrote a few years back (it’s quite dated now, but it provides a good grounding in the basics), and you might also be amused by how to write, “I don’t know. I only work here,” in over sixty different languages.

At some point, I added a place to put any writing I happen to do. There are a few moderately interesting things there, including the saga of an epic dot-com implosion and several rejected letters to the editor.

Arbitrary Labels and Pictures

crism with long hair

I have long hair again, after a brief detour through shornness, and a beard that comes and goes.

my imood

My imood is updated erratically.

Michael and me

I’m a Libertarian. Ask me about it. Really. I was Chair of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco for three years before I escaped, and I ran for California State Assembly twice (13th district in 2002, 12th district in 2004). This is what happens if you actually show up to a meeting and open your damn fool mouth. (In this pic, I’m sunburned from working with 2004 presidential candidate Michael Badnarik at SF Pride.)

Koryo Hyung

I am a taekwondo-ja. I hold the rank of 3 (3rd degree black belt) in 태권도 with Triangle Taekwon Do Club. I am a Senior Instructor there, teaching adults in the evening and children in an after-school program, and I also serve on the Board of our parent body, Triangle Martial Arts Association, Inc. Meanwhile, I am working towards 1 in 합기도 with Triangle Hap Moosa Ki Do Club. There are a few pictures of me in our gallery, including a few like this one from promotion exams.

Delta Psi

I am a Brother of St. Anthony Hall, a nationally co-educational literary fraternity. I am a former Trustee, Webmaster, and Secretary of the St. Anthony Trust of Rhode Island, Inc., the graduate organization of the Kappa Chapter at…

Brown University

Brown University. I am a Brunonian. I studied Electrical Engineering, but learned everything I know at the Hall and in the Band.


I’m a Discordian. Ask me about it. Really.

I’m a big geek. If you want to know about me, you’ll get more information from my geek code than from anywhere else:

Version: 3.12
GAT d@ s:+ a C++++$ UBLS*++(++++)$ P+++$ L+ E>++ W+++ N(+) o++ K+++ w>--- O?(++) M+ V-- PS+++ PE+++ Y+>++ PGP++ t+ 5+ X(++) R !tv b++(++++) DI++++ D+ G++ e++* h- r y+