Random Musings on Various Stuffs

It looks good... (sniff sniff) smells good... tastes good... But after you clean it, there's nothin' much to it!

- Bryan & Dodge, "The Sassage," Bert & I

I write essays all the time - in my head. I rarely write any of them down. I spend a lot of time thinking about politics. I kept saying that I ought to put up a page and post essays on a regular basis. But that would involve sitting down and writing out the essays, and there's always something more important to do, like play MineHunt.

But then my ex-CEO got sentenced to jail, and Dmitry Sklyarov got arrested. I wrote stuff about both of those for people who cared, and then figured hey, why not post them? So here they are.

I also found a fragment from The Red Book of Westmarch, lost until now, though it survives in a curiously corrupted form to this day.

Now I've made a commitment to get out a Libertarian press release at least once a month.

And I've finally started doing what I meant to be doing all along - publishing rants.