Свободу Диме!

On Monday 16 July 2001, Дмитрий Скляров was arrested. This was grossly unjust, and people reacted. They protested, they beat their breasts, they tore their hair, etc.

I went to a few protests, and I wrote a bunch of stuff.

First, I converted the infamous presentation into readable HTML.

Then, I wrote an article for the Golden Gate Libertarian, the monthly newsletter of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco. This article argues why libertarians should support Дима.

Then, after getting authorization from the LPSF Executive Committee, I wrote a press release. That went over pretty well - it got picked up by Declan McCullagh's politechbot, and I got cold-called for a radio interview with a friend quoted in the release.

Press releases don't give you a lot of space for making your finer points, though... so someone on the Washington state Libertarian chat list accused me of intellectual thuggery. So I wrote this response, in addition to forwarding the Golden Gate Libertarian article. I think the response may be the best thing I've written on the subject - but it was very early in the morning when I finished, so it's a little hard to tell.