Libertarian Party of San Francisco Media Release


October 7, 2002

Contact: Christopher R. Maden
Telephone: (415) 845-8202

San Francisco, October 7, 2002 - The Libertarian Party of San Francisco today announced its endorsements and recommendations for the November 5 election.

All local Libertarian candidates for office have been endorsed in partisan and non-partisan races. No position was taken in races without Libertarian candidates, despite a close decision in the District 4 Board of Supervisors race.

Libertarians believe in personal responsibility, in contrast to government stewardship; accordingly, all ballot measures to increase the size of government have been opposed, including all bonds and tax increases.

However, the ballot initiative recommendations contain a few surprises. The LPSF opposes Proposition S, saying: "Proposition S would ask the city to consider whether to grow and distribute medical marijuana. The LP is fully behind the right of patients -- or anyone else -- to consume whatever substances they see fit, and we recognize the symbolic message that this measure's passage would send. But asking government -- however local -- to get into the medicine or drug business is not the solution."



The recommendations have been published on the LPSF Web site and will be mailed to all registered Libertarians in San Francisco.

About LPSF:

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco ( is the local affiliate of the Libertarian Party (, the largest "third party" in the United States. Libertarians believe in personal freedom, in both social and economic spheres, and in minimal government to protect those freedoms. The Libertarian Party is running a full slate of partisan candidates and many non-partisan candidates in the 2002 San Francisco elections.

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