LTE: Further splitting the "gay vote"

(Submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle, 29 October 2001; unpublished.)

Matier & Ross wrote today of Mayor Brown's machinations in the 13th Assembly District race, suggesting that queer San Franciscans only have a choice between Mark Leno and Harry Britt, or maybe now Holly Thier.

But there is also a candidate from the only party to unreservedly support gay rights for thirty years - the Libertarian Party. (We'd have supported gay rights longer, but we're only thirty years old!)

My platform ("Legalize Love - Legalize Health - Legalize Work") includes a true "Defense of Marriage Act" that would put same-sex partners on a truly equal basis with opposite-sex partners, as well as a requirement for California District Attorneys to abide by Proposition 215.

While my campaign has not been officially launched yet - we're still in the ballot-access stage - all interested parties are encouraged to contact me at

Christopher R. Maden
Libertarian Candidate
California State Assembly
13th District