LTE: Correction correction

(Submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle, 9 March 2002; unpublished.)

In today's corrections, you write:

-- Due to incomplete information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some figures in yesterday's Net Worth column in the Business section were misleading. The actual amount the average Bay Area household spent on shelter was $13,777 for owners and $9,908 for renters. The average amount spent by households nationwide was $7,022 for owners and $2,030 for renters. The Bay Area averages were 96 percent higher for owners and 71 percent higher for renters. .

I probably won't be the only one to correct your math, but I make that 96% higher for owners and 388% (three hundred eighty-eight percent) higher for renters.

Clearly, rent control has been a success and must be continued at all costs (especially to the renters).

Chris Maden
Libertarian Candidate
State Assembly, District 13